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water storage containersIf you are on municipal water, you never know when the tap will stop running. Whether it is a burst pipe that affects only a small part of the town, or a larger problem with the filtration center that makes your water non-potable for days on end. If it came down to a choice between losing my electricity or running water, I'll keep the water every time. You just don't realize how annoying it can be in the short term, or life threatening in the long term not to have water at your disposal.

So, one of the first preps you should endeavor to have for almost any sort of emergency is to have a source of fresh water at your command, and if not, then you need to have stored water available.

The basic recommendation is that you have one gallon of water per person per day for emergency situations.  It is much more advisable to try to store three gallons per person (especially if you have little ones) to make sure that you not only have water for drinking but for all the other things that require water like cooking, sanitation, dish washing, and water for the animals and plants.

Below you will find articles relating to water storage. Some of them may not be applicable to your prepping situation as I will try to get as specific as possible, but you never know, there is always a chance you might learn something new.

emergency water storageWe all know that we need to store at least some water for an emergency. Once you have done the first step and determined how much water you actually need and want to store, you can start thinking about how and where you will want to put that water.

Now, there are plenty of ways to store your water, most of them involving plastic containers of one size or another. But in a nutshell, the difference between what we call a tank, container or barrel is just a matter of size and shape. 

There are a number of factors that will help you to determine what might be best for you however, and I'll go through a number of ideas so that you get the jist of how to store your water properly in the appropriate holding vessel.

water storage needsEvery individual situation is different and so a one size fits all water plan is not going to work. So, in this article I will go through different ideas to help get you thinking about your water storage needs.

We'll start by looking at the estimated amount of water per day that is required per person. In doing my initial research, I've seen a minimum of one gallon per day per person, to up to 3 gallons per day per person being talked about on various prepper websites. Well if you are storing water for more than a few days worth, that can amount to a huge difference in the long term. So I went looking for the sources of these numbers.

What I found was that the one gallon per day is a number taken from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) an emergency distribution number for basic survival purposes to keep people alive. It in no way represents a realistic long term survival number. So I kept looking to find some more information.

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