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Survival Condo

In my quest for ever more prepper information, I came across the site of a high end real estate developer that is catering to the growing concerns of the realization that the SHTF may actually happen in the near future.

Here is some information from their press release:

The Survival Condo project is an undertaking to convert an Atlas Missile Silo into a fully self-contained and secure “Luxury Survival Condo and Resort” for extended off-grid living in the event of a major disaster or emergency.

The silo is located somewhere in Kansas, the exact location is not revealed in any sources as they would prefer to keep it a secret. WIth a little bit of research however, I'm pretty sure I figured out exactly where it is.

Here's a video:

The cost is 1.5 million dollars for a half floor, or 3 million for a full floor, and apparently it is all sold out already. A second silo is now being converted to condo's to accommodate more buyers. Apparently they can shelter down there for up to five years for 70 people! There's a recreational area that includes features such as a 50,000 gallon pool and spa area, movie theater, lounge, exercise facility, indoor shooting range, medical facility, rock climbing wall, and even a dog park, 'TV' windows so that you don't feel like you are underground, etc. . . Luxury living for sure, except that it's underground instead of in the sky.

Before you say 'No Way!', it seems that many of the initial criticisms that one could throw at this project have been covered. Let's start with food. It has a state-of-the-art hydroponic and aquaculture capabilities to produce fresh organic food and grow their own fish. These systems are largely automated with automatic nutrient monitoring systems and temperature controls.

How about water, you say? There's apparently a water treatment system that creates "nearly pharmaceutical grade pure" water. This system includes carbon pre-filter, ultra-violet sterilizers, ozone, and reverse osmosis filtration. Sounds pretty good so far.

Of course you are going to need to protect your luxury living from nefarious people who might want to come in and enjoy the living. There's a military grade security system that includes electrified fences, thermal imaging systems as well as both lethal and non-lethal defensive capabilities. It also mentions guns and ammo, although nothing specified on how that would work.

To add to the recon component there's a remote controlled flying vehicle with a wingspan of 6 feet and can fly as high as 5000 feet. It has a range of 100 miles and is equipped with high resolution thermal imaging camera systems.

For electrical power there are two diesel generators and a 1000 KW wind generator. So  looks like they have that covered as well.

Let's just give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they have all the physical needs met. There's plenty that can go wrong on it's own, without even talking about outside interference.

Exact Location

Who doesn't love a good mystery, so when they say on their site that the exact location is not disclosed, it just makes me want to find out where it is even more. Only vetted individuals with money and a few reporters have been allowed to visit the site, aside from the the workers of course. Many of the articles mention that it is north-central Kansas, but a few reporters got a little bit more specific and let us know that it is near Concordia, Kansas.

From there, I went searching for information about old Atlas missile silo sites. I found this map, that shows the placement of twelve Atlas F complexes which were assigned to the 550th SMS at Schilling Air Force Base in Kansas. The second map is just a closeup of the silo nearest to Concordia, which I believe is the location of the 'Survival Condo'.

Kansas Missile Silos

Survival Conda Exact Location

For the next step, I went to Google Maps and put in the coordinates of the missile silo:

Latitude:39-24-43 N Longitude: 097-40-50 W

Which gives us this zoomed in picture:

As you can see, when the picture was taken sometime in 2014, there is definitely activity as you can tell from the vehicles. The confirmation however is the white windmill generator in the top left corner that is the correct place. Now that we know where it is, lets move on.

The Pitfall? - Psychological

Here's a another quote:

"The clients are not your typical “survival nuts” as portrayed in the media, rather they are successful, educated and well-to-do individuals who simply want peace of mind in the event of a natural or man-made disaster."

This is where things might get a bit more iffy. You are putting about 70 rich people (sounds like lawyers, CEO's, and politicians to me), who barely know each other, probably know little or nothing about survivalism except that they are aware enough and rich enough to be able to buy a place so that everything is taken care of.

It's not mentioned anywhere, but for sure there are going to be a few people who are going to be guards or caretakers in that building who have to maintain all the high tech stuff that is installed. They'll be living there as well.

What's the chances that they will be working together when things get 'tough'? A bunch of rich dudes, with possibly their spoiled wives and children? It's doubtful that they will last very long as a community in an enclosed space. Chances are that the maintenance people will get so fed up with the crap, they'll probably shoot the other residents themselves!

Anyway, we have to be careful not to shoot down ideas that we come across just because it is not what we would do ourselves. But if I had 3 million dollars to spend on prepping, it wouldn't be on a condo in this underground building, that's for sure.



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