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Food Storage


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Foods that don't go bad

A large part of getting prepared is stocking your pantry with food. But if you have a large amount of food stored, it sometimes can get complicated keeping track what is going to expire when, and how best to rotate those items so nothing gets wasted. Fortunately, the food items listed in this article, will never go bad making their storage easier to deal with. Plus you don't have to worry about buying too much when a sale comes around.

Of course, proper storing is important as well, so unless stated otherwise, the best way to preserve any of these foods is to keep it in a cool dark place with as little temperature fluctuations possible. Lose of taste is normal when food is stored for long periods, but it doesn't mean that it is unsafe to eat.

You will also notice that many of these items are either very sugary, salty, or dry (having little moisture). Bacteria have a tough time growing in any of these conditions.