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This is a basic introduction to food storage geared toward preppers. This video is part one of a two part series. He goes through the basics of why, what, where, and how of food storage. Here are the highlights of the main points he talks about:

  • Reasons to store food
  • Store what you eat
  • Be knowledgeable about what expiration dates are flexible
  • Where to store food
  • Where to find the best food prices for buying larger amounts
  • How to organize yourself to know what prices are the best for all the various products that you might need
  • Be efficient about your shopping
  • Don't be embarrassed (as a man) to do grocery shopping


In part two of this food storage video series for beginners, he talks about:

  • Specific non-food items that would be a good idea to stock up on
  • Ways to organize your storage so that nothing goes to waste
  • A reminder to keep your food storage secret
  • FEMA lines and why they can useful to a prepper
  • Bugging out and what to do with all that food storage when you have to leave
  • Long term food storage like MRE's
  • Bartering and storing extra of what might be useful for trading

He doesn't go into too much detail about each idea, but it is a good summary overview of the basic concepts of storing food for any emergency that may come up.


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