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Here is a video from ArkansasPrepper, who talks about issues with food storage in his pantry. There are a few good ideas in this video, although at first it doesn't seem like much. But it is worth watching if you are setting up your food storage. The video is a few years old and he talks about expiration dates for his items which has passed a long time ago, but the concepts are more important here than the dates.

Most of his talk is about how he has lost a bunch of the food he has stored. He goes through many of the items he has put away and details the reasons why he has eaten or not eaten the food. Many of the reasons are highly personal and may not apply to anyone else, but there are some concepts in there that may make you understand how not to have wasted food in your own efforts.

One of the key ideas that I have taken from watching this video although it is not explicitly stated, is that there are really two goals to your long term pantry; one is to have food for a length of time during a SHTF scenario, and another is to save money by buying in bulk but that most likely the food will be eaten during the course of regular life.

The two scenario's really require different food storage thinking, as in regular times you will have access to grocery stores so you won't necessarily have to access your long term food for either nutrition or calories, but in a disaster scenario almost all of your nutrition will be coming from what you have put way.

What you are willing to eat is probably different in each case as well. When you are hungry, you will eat what you have stored even if it doesn't look palatable. But if you have access to other food, you won't bother. He talks about that near the end with his home made canned meat.

Lastly, another good idea that I have taken away from watching this is that you need to 'practice' with your food storage to get the configurations right for your household. There are some foods that you have that will never expire, but with most stuff you need to be aware of the expiration dates. Try to get a system in place that works for you to minimize loss, although maybe it is inevitable that some food will not be eaten (It can always be donated to charity near the final dates). But I guess that is the price to pay to have more food security.

This is a basic introduction to food storage geared toward preppers. This video is part one of a two part series. He goes through the basics of why, what, where, and how of food storage. Here are the highlights of the main points he talks about:

  • Reasons to store food
  • Store what you eat
  • Be knowledgeable about what expiration dates are flexible
  • Where to store food
  • Where to find the best food prices for buying larger amounts
  • How to organize yourself to know what prices are the best for all the various products that you might need
  • Be efficient about your shopping
  • Don't be embarrassed (as a man) to do grocery shopping
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